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My word of the week has to be:


Early December is my quietest part of the year work wise, so although on paper I’ve had a quiet week, the reality has been quite different, which is always the way I guess!

Sunday was spent at the cinema watching Wreck it Ralph 2, which is really good if you’ve yet to see it, but before we head off to the cinema this meant a pit stop at ASDA to pick up snacks for us all, never give my youngest a choice of what snacks he wants, he’s a nightmare, he takes forever lol!

Monday was spent waiting for an AA low loader pick-up to arrive to pick up our brand new van to take to our local dealership, sounds simple enough but add the crazy parking in our area it was touch & go if the AA vehicle would squeeze it’s way through.

Tuesday was a work day and wasn’t too busy in the great scheme of things, in fact it was more chilled out!

Wednesday was my day off & I had a great morning having breakfast & a catch up with friends at our local Wetherspoons; I’m loving the Wetherspoons app, no need to head to the bar, just find a table & order your food and pay, simples. In the afternoon I went shopping with our daughter for a coat, we got a bargain in Debenhams, a gorgeous Jasper Conran coat down from £99 to £68, I do love a bargain, Debenhams was the only shop we went in to so this was a successful shopping trip with my daughter!

Thursday was a day of squeezing in 2 work meetings at the beginning and end of the day, along with 2 school runs, it felt like we were never home for long, along with squeezing in going to pick up our work van, which was now repaired with a new steering rack after  the power steering failed after doing just over 600 miles!!

Today (Friday) has involved a business meeting, a cheeky Wetherspoons brunch, school runs & football club to attend to, I’m looking forward to a weekend of housework for a rest lol!

What’s your word of the week been?

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5 thoughts on “Busy”

  1. You’ve been so busy but you’ve had such a lovely mixed week 🙂 Work is always quiet for me in December too but it always ends up busy anyway doesn’t it? As long as a few festive bits are involved I’m OK with it! #WotW


  2. That is a busy week, what a pain about your van. Good news about the coat though, you really can’t beat a bargain. I hope you are managing a relaxing weekend now. Thanks for joining in with #Wotw x


  3. Ahh! My two are itching to watch Wreck it Ralph 2. It might be something to do over the xmas holidays.
    It does sound like you have had a busy week!
    I love Wetherspoons for breakfast & brunch.


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