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Snapshot #2

Well it’s been a long 9 months since my last blog post that it almost feels like I’m writing on somebody else’s blog, exactly 9 months to the day since I last wrote  a blog post and it’s been one hell of a 9 months.

So where to begin.

Christmas was great, lots of family time, which we all love; Christmas films, drinks with friends and family, it really was lovely.

However in the new year it was time to face reality that we would need to find a new home, never an easy prospect when you privately rent. Although I like to think I’m well versed at moving and packing, the thought of moving house was a bit daunting after so many years, however it would seem that there was something in the water where private landlords were concerned, 2 of our good friends, both hard working families would find themselves in the same position and on the same journey, through no fault of their own and looking for a new home, eventually, we would all find something suitable for our families needs.

Throughout all of this upheaval we were faced with a cancer scare which thankfully turned out to be something not as sinister and our eldest child has had a couple of health issues to face.

On the plus side, work has gone from strength to strength and we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in May this year with a party, not bad for a couple who wouldn’t last haha!!

Thankfully, all in all we are all still here together and looking forward the future, our glass is very much half full.

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