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My Sunday Snapshot – Goats

If you’ve ever visited my neck the woods…Llandudno in North Wales then you’ll be familiar with the herd of Kashmiri Goats that live on the Great Orme and that they can sometimes be spotted in the town.

Well as the town is currently a lot less populated with locals and visitors due to lockdown, the goats are roaming further, eating their way around the town munching through various plants as they go.

Today we spotted them outside our home, jumping onto walls to get in to gardens to have a good scoff; not nice if you’ve spent time and money on your garden but I do love to see them out and about.

They’ve put a smile on our faces today.



6 thoughts on “My Sunday Snapshot – Goats”

  1. What a brilliant picture! That has put a smile on my face too.
    I’d love to see them, but would definitely be annoyed if they started munching on nice plants (they would be very welcome to the weeds though!).


  2. Ha I saw something about this on the news – wow it’s amazing to see the goats out and about around town on their jollies. Lockdown lunacy! Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot


  3. Ooo I saw something about this on the news! How bizarre and bonkers it must be to have goats out and about on the loose during the lockdown. Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot


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