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Hello 2021

Hi there 2021, come on in, don’t be shy, we’ve been waiting for you!

Who knew what would play out this time last year, certainly not me that’s for sure. Personally I’d never even heard of Coronavirus, Wuhan, Furlough or Chris Whitty and never in my wildest dreams did I think the world would be hit with a global pandemic and what was “normal” has now been flipped upside down. I mean the first thing I check I’ve got when I get out the car is if I’ve got my mask not my purse!

Our eldest son now works from his bedroom instead of going in to work, our daughter works in a school so she was off work for an extended period from March and our youngest son has enjoyed blended learning and has adapted well to the changes. As parents, we’re really proud with how they’ve coped with all the new changes to society.

Personally, I miss the cinema…I have an unlimited card and enjoy going about once a week dependent on what films are out, I think it could be a while before we get to watch a film in the cinema again.

Looking forward, I’m hoping that the vaccine rollout starts to gather pace and the world can begin to put things back together again, I don’t expect things to go back normal but some more certainty would be nice as our business has been effected by the lockdown/restrictions/tiers and its been hard to make long term plans etc.

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5 thoughts on “Hello 2021”

  1. Happy New Year! Certainty is a great word and something I think we have all been missing so much. Let’s hope that this year will treat us better. Thanks for linking up to #wotw


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