Back to Online Learning

This week has been a strange old week, as predicted our youngest son didn’t return to school on Wednesday the Welsh Government announced the schools were closing on Monday until the 18th, then yesterday announced that they would close until February half term, why someone couldn’t have made that call on Monday I don’t know when it was pretty obvious that this was going to happen.

Personally, I don’t mind the whole online learning thing as our son is in year 9 and it’s all done via Teams (which was introduced at the end of year 7 so he’s quite used to working this way), we just need to work on a sensible bedtime as he thinks he should be allowed to stay up later as it’s not an ‘official bedtime’ and encourage him to get dressed so he’s not in smelly pyjamas all day lol which would be his preferred uniform, I don’t think the teacher needs to see him in his MineCraft ‘jamas.

The school are quite organised with the work, it matches the timetable so the school routine is in place, all the teachers are interacting well with the kids during the lessons and are there to support the students, so although the face to face interaction isn’t there they’re trying so hard to keep things as ‘normal’ as they can.


1 thought on “Back to Online Learning”

  1. My youngest is in year 9 and they only started using Teams on Friday. We seem to be getting the hang of it so far.
    hahaha! We’re having the bedtime and getting dressed argument too.
    Good luck, I hope the home learning continues to go well x


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