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Whatever floats your goat

During the first lockdown last spring, the Kashmiri goats that live on the Great Orme, ventured further and further into our town  making the most of the quiet streets; their antics soon went viral and were featured all over the world, usually munching away at whatever greenery they came across, garden walls don’t stand in their way.

Since entering Tier 4 in Wales the streets have become quieter and the goats have again started to venture further down in to the town.

Llandudno's Goats

If there’s one thing that’s sure to raise a smile on my face during these uncertain times it’s the goats.

12 thoughts on “Whatever floats your goat”

  1. I saw this news story last year – it must be quite entertaining to look out of your window and see the goats. I hope they aren’t eating anything they shouldn’t!



  2. I doubt we would get more than foxes here, but we do have a lot of birds and bats. I love listening to the owls, and on summer evenings if you stay still in the garden you can see the bats. It’s lovely to see wildlife and those goats are so cute. A couple of years ago on holiday my kids had the opportunity to take some goats for a walk and they loved it.


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